Tech IP

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Who We Are

Organizations want to find a way to take their idea, gain legal protection for it, and monetize it.

Octillo not only has experience working with countless clients on these initiatives. Members of our team are technologists who have successfully started, operated, and exited their own tech companies.

Octillo is a 360-degree full-service tech law firm that can provide your intellectual property a multi-disciplined review of all areas.

What We Do

Octillo provides counseling on a variety of intellectual property protections.  Some of your organizations’ most valuable assets are intangible. Whether your organization is building apps, software, tools, writing code, building a valuable brand, or have a great process that you think might be patentable, our tech IP lawyers are here to assist.  Our attorneys have worked on cutting edge IP protection for a variety of technologies, from artificial intelligence (AI) to medical devices and everything in between.

The Octillo Tech IP Team also can help your organization take your idea to market, from MSAs, to license agreements, data privacy and data security compliance, AI policies, and more.  We also work with engineers and developers to help identify those valuable assets, and then to determine how best to protect them through strategic use of utility patents, design patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

We are looking for disruptors and forward thinkers. Market makers, not market takers.

If you are a disrupter in emerging tech or a forward thinker, we share the same passion and drive. The Octillo Tech IP team looks forward to bringing your ideas to realization by protecting and developing business strategies to help monetize your IP.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies to start up and high growth entities.

Octillo services industries including but not limited to software, technology, telecommunications, e-commerce, retail, consumer goods, real estate, manufacturing, construction, energy, education, restaurants, media, sports and entertainment, and professional services.

IP Protection Services We Provide

We have helped organizations identify IP protections in many business areas, including but not limited to:

HardwareSoftwareMechanical Technologies
CybersecurityElectronicsGreen Energy
Block Chain TechnologiesData Security and Privacy AlgorithmsCryptocurrencies
Electromechanical TechnologiesImage ProcessingSemiconductors
Medical DevicesCloudIoT (Internet of Things)
Audit and VideoConsumer ElectronicsInternet and Social Networking
CircuitryMulti-Core ArchitectureAugmented and Virtual Reality
3-D printingOptical CommunicationInformation Processing
Network Based TechnologiesMilitary Defense SystemsPhysics
Encryption TechnologiesChemical, Engineering, and NanotechnologyMicrolithography
Lens TechnologiesLighting CircuitryTelecommunication and Wireless Communications, Antennas, Cell Phone Technologies, Data Communication
Pumps and ValvesSocial MediaIndustrial Manufacturing
RF-IDArtificial Intelligence (AI)Coding and Decoding
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Developing a creative and evolving patent portfolio can offer your business exclusivity and preeminence in cutting-edge markets. Patent protection can take an idea and literally turn it into an asset on your balance sheet.

The Octillo Tech IP team offers the perfect mix of technical and legal know-how to assist in the development of a strategic patent portfolio that meets your organization’s goals. Keeping in mind the specific business and legal considerations associated with new and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), drones, space, environment, and pandemic-driven tech, the Octillo team works to maximize the value of your innovations. Whether you seek exclusive rights, to license your innovations creating a new income stream, or to obtain investors for a new technology, our team of technology attorneys is here to help.

Our team has deep experience counseling clients through all the phases of a patent’s life, from conception by an inventor to enforcement. With our guidance and expertise, we counsel companies through the patenting process, including identifying the most appropriate type of patent (utility or design) to apply for, crafting a patent application strategy, and submitting a final application for approval.

Once a patent has been secured, the Octillo Tech IP team handles the enforcement of your patent. If your patent has been infringed upon, or your company is accused of infringement, Octillo’s team of experienced litigators will handle the suits and related proceedings inside the Patent Office including inter-partes and ex-partes reexaminations.


Sometimes at the end of the day, your organization’s most valuable asset is your brand or name.  We work to identify protectable brands, protect those brands with the Trademark Office, and enforce unauthorized use of those names.

A good brand should convey positive feelings about your company, and dilution or tarnishing of that image can have irreparable effects on your bottom line. Unauthorized use of your trademarked brand, or the use of substantially similar branding, can cause confusion about your organization’s products or services and potentially damage your brand’s image.

Octillo attorneys will work to enforce your trademark through serving notice to unauthorized users and, if necessary, filing suit on your behalf to prevent future misuse and obtain damages from that misuse.

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Some innovation is best protectable, or perhaps only protectable through copyright. The Octillo Tech IP team is here to protect your copyrighted works from unauthorized users.

Copyright infringement can take many forms – from direct copying of a work to the creation of close derivatives and the illegal distribution of a work. If your copyrights have been infringed upon, or you are charged with infringement, Octillo attorneys will interface with federal courts to protect your rights to your copyrighted works. This includes issuing cease and desist orders, bringing suit against parties infringing on your rights to prevent future infringement and obtain damages on your behalf.

Trade Secrets

Your organization’s most valuable assets may be practices, formulas, algorithms, or other intangibles that set your products or services apart from your competitors. Trade secrets require specific policies and procedures to maintain and protect them. Octillo works with clients in the development, protection, and enforcement of trade secrets.

If your organization’s trade secrets have been illegally disclosed by an employee who works closely with a trade secret, a party that has accidentally learned a trade secret, but is aware of its protected status, or through theft, bribery, or espionage, Octillo will enforce your rights through court order or, if necessary, by filing suit against the unauthorized party to collect damages.

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Data Security & Privacy Compliance Matters

IP protection around various emerging and other technologies may raise data security and privacy concerns, or other questions about the legality of the invention.  If so, Octillo lawyers can help assist so that your organization takes a “measure twice, cut once approach.”

To have a global IP strategy, your organization will work with attorneys with global ties and experience to help strengthen compliance of applicable privacy laws globally, with a focus on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other global privacy and data security laws.

IP Monetization

We work with our clients to develop IP monetization strategies. Octillo has a proven track record of bringing revenue after IP monetization efforts, making the IP group a profit – not a cost – center.

Many of our lawyers have also been the IP client making monetization efforts a strategy.  For example, one of our attorneys was the Chief IP Counsel for a global publicly-traded company where he protected, promoted, and developed a global intellectual property portfolio with creative use of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.


IP Due DiligenceMergers and AcquisitionsTech TransactionsLicense Agreements
Portfolio Asset ManagementMarket Analysis Including Financial Modeling and Materials GenerationOverseeing Third-Party IP Monetization Programs


Executive/Board C Suite Advisory and Strategic Advice
CapitalExit PlanningSell Side TransactionsBuy Side Transactions
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IP Disputes Litigation & Defense

Octillo handles Inter Partes Reviews (IPRs), Covered Business Methods Patent Reviews (CBMs), reissues and Post-Grant Reviews (PGRs) before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). We represent clients in patent enforcement and litigation matters domestically and internationally.

Defense & Enforcement Services

  • Copyright Litigation
  • Cybersquatting and Domain Name Litigation
  • False Advertising
  • Media Litigation and Disputes
  • Technology, Telecommunications and Outsourcing Disputes
  • Trademark and Passing Off Litigation
  • Trade Secret Infringement and Misuse of Confidential Information Litigation
  • Unfair Competition
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Custom Seizures
  • Privacy Litigation and Disputes
  • Rights of Publicity Litigation
  • Copyright Board Hearings
  • Trademark Opposition Board Hearings
  • Patent Infringement and Enforcement Litigation
  • Trademark Infringement and Trademark Dilution