What is a Tabletop Exercise?

What steps has your organization taken to prepare for a potential data breach or other cybersecurity incident?

The current threat landscape requires companies to shift their perspective on cyber threats from “if” to “when” as they examine preparedness, protocols, and employee education. Having a detailed Incident Response Plan (IRP) is a necessary step in this process, but a plan is only as effective as its execution when it counts most.

Testing your IRP annually identifies vulnerabilities, improves coordination and communication, and is a cornerstone best practice for all companies – and a requirement in many regulated industries, under some cyber insurance policies, and for certain government contractors.

Octillo tabletop exercises(TTX) are like a fire drill for cybersecurity. Leveraging our team’s experience responding to global, headline-making data breaches, Octillo simulates the chronological events of an incident relevant to your company and industry – from detection to eradication, investigation, recovery, crisis communications, and compliance with legal obligations.

Octillo tabletop exercises include:

  • A custom scenario that will test your team on some of the current trends and threats we see as leaders in data breach response
  • Engagement of key personnel relevant to the execution of your Incident Response Plan
  • An analysis of the legal and technical issues that arise in an incident and feedback on your team’s response
  • A review of your IRP to identify gaps and compliance issues with emerging security laws
  • Debriefing with the team to help reduce risk and strengthen your incident response

*Tabletop Exercises can be designed to meet your timeline and can be performed remotely. We recommend allowing two to three hours for the exercise and 30 to 60 minutes for summary and debriefing.

We find that clients who undergo these guided trainings exercises are more prepared to respond to real incidents efficiently and effectively.

For more information about our tabletop exercise offerings, including pricing, please contact Patrick D. McNally, Esq. (pmcnally@octillolaw.com).

*Attorney advertising, prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.