Octillo Data Mining Services

When an organization is faced with a cybersecurity incident, identifying potentially affected data is a critical step. Based on years of experience guiding clients through incident response, Octillo is uniquely positioned to provide data mining services in tandem with legal analysis and advice.

Throughout the process, we efficiently navigate the legal requirements, regulations, and jurisdictions relevant to an organization and its impacted data. We help balance our clients needs to restore business continuity, protect confidential and privileged information, and comply with state, federal, and international laws.

When data mining is necessary, our team is prepared to leverage the latest digital forensic software tools and manage each important stage, including initial evaluation, analysis, record consolidation, and notification preparation.

Octillo Data Mining Services capitalizes on our knowledge of forensic investigations and impacted environments, reducing the need to brief additional parties, which saves time and resources for many clients.

Data Mining Process:


We provide an assessment report with an overview of the data set, including the types, quantities, and location of data elements that constitute personally identifiable information (“PII”).


We filter and assess the data set to further narrow affected PII and estimate the scope of the breach.

Record Consolidation

By linking data elements to affected parties, we narrow and identify the potentially affected individuals.


Finally, we consolidate and deduplicate the data set to efficiently prepare for the notification process.

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For more information about our data mining services, including pricing, please contact Naimah J. Duporte, Esq. (nduporte@octillolaw.com

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