Octillo Data Mapping Services

One of the most critical steps that an organization can take to evaluate its compliance with data privacy regulations is to develop a data inventory and map, labeling and documenting the scope and flow of data into, within and across operational units. A complete picture of the organizational data landscape is essential from a regulatory compliance perspective. Under many data protection regulations, detailed, comprehensive documentation of the types of data collected, processed, and/or accessed by an organization, including affiliates and subsidiaries, is key to addressing compliance initiatives.

Based on years of experience, our attorneys work with clients to develop a right-sized data map and inventory framework across the organization to capture the full scope of data housed within the organizational infrastructure and guide the assembly and classification of data elements. We identify relevant operational units and data sets, oversee data collection, compile and analyze the information, providing an overview of critical data flows that are a part of daily operations. Our team develops data maps manually or assists clients in the implementation of data mapping software. The data mapping process is a critical tool for identifying risks and often provides a clearer picture of the steps required for improving data protocols and privacy controls.

Data Mapping Engagement Sequence:

  • Project Scoping
  • Data Compilation with Stakeholders
  • Input & Feedback
  • Global Review & Legal Analysis
  • Executive & Stakeholder Briefings

Contact Us About Our Data Mapping Services:

For more information about our data mapping services, including pricing, please contact Octillo Privacy Compliance & Digital Accessibility Team Lead, Kara L. Hilburger, Esq.,(khilburger@octillolaw.com) or Global Data Privacy Compliance Team Lead, Jordan L. Fischer Esq (jfischer@octillolaw.com).

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