While the food and agriculture industries may not store large volumes of customer data, trends show that these industries have seen an unprecedented increase in cyber threats and are considered a prime target for ransomware attacks that encrypt critical information and target critical infrastructure.

A myriad of data privacy regulations at the international, federal, and state levels requires that all organizations evaluate the regulatory landscape and identify the data sets within their organization that are covered, ensuring policies and procedures are in place to manage risk and compliance. If you interface with customers via websites and mobile applications, accessibility compliance requirements may come into play.

Cyber and data risks are growing, regardless of industry, and organizations that employ – and demonstrate – best practices in the areas of data security, data compliance, and accessibility are better positioned for the future. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the food and agriculture space, which gives us the practical experience to help clients adapt their security and privacy policies to relevant laws.

Weaving data security and privacy compliance together is more critical than ever. As a law firm focused exclusively on data security, privacy, and technology, Octillo’s continuous focus in this space allows our firm to provide efficient and time-sensitive guidance.